While student reach, course development and intra-campus collaborations driven by the Coleman Fellows program have met expectations during its first three years, changes are in the works to increase the degree of inter-campus connectivity, engagement, sharing and collaboration among Fellows from like disciplines.



Actions are necessary to catalyze more and deeper connections between faculty members who teach in similar disciplines or are interested in similar topics, but are working at different institutions.

New to the program in 2012 will be the formation of “cups of espresso” (COEs) -- discipline- and topic-specific micro-communities within the broader Coleman Foundation Entrepreneurship Community of Practice ("Coffee Cup") which will be established at the CEO conference and continue throughout the year.    COEs will be facilitated by “e-baristas” who will “brew” these cups of espresso beginning at the CEO conference and continuing through May, 2013.

Espresso is a concentrated beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.  COEs are small collaborating groups comprised of faculty members concentrated in one or a few related departments or engaged in discussion of a topic of shared interest.  For example, the Health and Health Sciences COE may consist of twelve Fellows from health-related disciplines from ten different colleges or universities.

COEs will be vibrant, engaged groups which share, connect and collaborate.  At the CEO conference, COEs develop communication plans and action plans for the academic year.  They “meet” with some regularity via WebEx and/or conference call (per their communication plan) and provide visible evidence of their collaborations for Foundation review via reports or message board discussions at colemanfellows.com (per their action plan).

A barista is a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks.  An e-barista prepares and facilitates the development of a COE and sustains its energy across the academic year.  Each COE will launch during a breakout session at the conference.  Fellows will have the opportunity to join a COE which focuses on his or her academic area or on a narrow topic of interest relating to entrepreneurship education.  Each COE will be launched by a veteran Fellow or other educator who has direct pedagogical and course development experience.  These e-baristas inspire the group and facilitate the establishment of the COE.  They lead based on their experience, providing examples of their work and cultivating interaction between group members, both live at the conference and throughout the academic year.  For example, the e-barista of the Health and Health Sciences COE might be a second year Fellow who attended the 2012 Experiential Classroom workshop.

More details on Cups of Espresso and e-baristas will be shared during the first Coffee Hour of the academic year, which takes place next month!