Coleman Fellows

Grants support hands-on entrepreneurship learning

Two new grants will fuel hands-on entrepreneurship learning for UNCG students across the curriculum.

A grant from the Coleman Foundation will provide almost $40,000 to support the Spartan Trader, an on-campus, student-run consignment store that opened its doors in February. The foundation has also awarded a total of $18,000 in fellowship grants to six UNCG instructors who want to incorporate entrepreneurship skills into their courses.

The Spartan Trader, on the bottom floor of the Spring Garden Apartments residence hall, gives students a hands-on opportunity to learn all aspects of running a retail store. Students sell on consignment original crafts and art objects made by faculty, students and staff.

The grant will cover the salary for a part-time store manager; graduate assistantships; marketing and advertising funds; and project funds for students.

Coleman Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows for 2012-2013 are Sheryl Oring, Christopher Thomas and Duane Cyrus. Each receives a $4,500 grant.

Oring and Thomas are developing new entrepreneurship cross-disciplinary courses in the art department. Their students will work with the Spartan Trader.

Cyrus is revising an existing dance course, Careers for Dance Artists, to be cross-disciplinary with entrepreneurship.

All three classes will be part of the major and minor in the Creative Industries track of UNCG’s Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program housed in the Bryan School of Business and Economics. Students in the program can also choose to focus on Family Business, Franchising, Healthcare Entrepreneurship, International Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, or Science, Technology and Innovation Entrepreneurship.

Continuation grants for the 2011-2012 Coleman Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows were also awarded to Justin Streuli, Bonnie Canziani and Jennifer Yurchisin. Continuation grants provide $1,000 each to instructors.

Dianne H.B. Welsh, Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Bryan School and director of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program, wrote both grants. Over the last three years, Welsh has directed $97,558 in grants from the Coleman Foundation to support Entrepreneurship at UNCG.

The Coleman Foundation, a private organization founded in 1951, offers grants in three areas – entrepreneurship education, developmental disabilities and cancer care.