Coleman Fellows

Stoel Burrowes Coleman Fellows 2011 Final Report

May 2011

The course Creativity, Design and Entrepreneurship, ENT/IAR 321-01 GEC GFL & GLN. The course has been accepted as permanent curriculum beginning in Fall 2011. The course currently has 40 students registered for F11 semester.

It has been my honor to be a Coleman Fellow in the past year.  I have learned a great deal from the network of people in the entrepreneurship education area.

By attending CEO Conference in the Fall of 2010, participating in Coleman Foundation events and ‘coffee cup’ sessions I have gained understanding of the how and why of entrepreneurship education.  Dianne Welsh, my fellow Coleman Fellows, NCEC and Regional SEA Conference have also been important to my curriculum development.

By amending an existing course in design theory, Design Perspectives, into a course on design and entrepreneurship I am able to bring together important modes of thinking. I have realized that ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’ share more in common than I first thought.  The course is grounded in examining the common elements and exploring the differences.  My intention is to bring together students from creative disciplines with business majors and others to explore together how they might make a future. Each individual will begin to find their niche, their fit in the spectrum of Creativity, Design and Entrepreneurship.

IAR 302 might be participating in development of the NCEC inspired retail store through a design project in the studio course and building the furniture for the retail store through independent study.


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