Coleman Fellows

Activity Report For Mehmet Bayram Yildirim

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Course (IME 783) is a master’s level course to which also undergraduate students could enroll. The class had seven students of which one was an undergraduate student. In IME 783 students we discussed about several companies through case studies by analyzing their business models, how those companies have started and their strategy which contributed either to their growth, or their failures.  So challenging the students for establishing a new business from the lessons learned through the case studies was one of the objectives of the IME 783 class.


In the Logistics and Supply Chain management course, entrepreneurship/self-employment was addressed through a term project: At least one third of the class has to propose a business plan as their final project. Each team had to present their progress couple of times before their final presentation, by which, students involved in other projects can have a better understanding of fundamentals of   the research projects and business plans.


After having  Dr. Tim Pett, Director of Center for Entrepreneurship at Wichita State University for a lecture on “Entrepreneurship in a Nutshell class,”  one group decided to create a new business in  technical support for information technology using  mostly college students.  This group presented the components of their business plan several times during the semester. Other students had benefited from these presentations and the final business plan report quite a lot.  In addition, in the final exam, students were asked about the concepts in entrepreneurship/self-employment.


i am expecting this group to present their project at  the Center for Entrepreneurship’s business plan competition in March of 2011.