Since I am just starting my first semester of incorporating entrepreneurship into a course, I don't have a lot to report.  I direct an M.S. program in Health and Human Performance at Canisius College, and HHP 582 Functional Conditioning is a required course taken by all of our students.  With a challenging job market, I have sometimes been at a loss as to what to tell students who are struggling to find a job, as well as those who are interested in doing things that there is a need for, but very few (if any) employers in the area are doing.  I would sometimes suggest starting a business, but really didn't have any idea in how to guide them in the process.

I was also interested in entrepreneurship from a personal perspective because my wife had been a tenured art teacher in Georgia before moving back to the Buffalo, New York area to be near family.  In Western New York, she had not been able to find a full-time teaching job, and so she decided to start a small photography business.  I was interested in learning more about entrepreneurship to help her grow her business.

In my HHP 582 Functional Conditioning class, I plan to have class discussions and online discussion forums relating to entrepreneurship, as well as homework assignments where students read about or talk to successful entrepreneurs in the area of exercise science.  I hope that this class will get students thinking that they may have a future as a small business owner, and not limit themselves to only considering careers working for someone else.

I have attached the syllabus as a Microsoft Word document.