During this past year, I had the privilege of once again being a Coleman Fellow and as such have been able to impact the future of my students. In the past year, I invited one of my students to attend the CEO Conference in Fort Worth, TX. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and she was my undergraduate research assistant. After attending, she mentioned to me that the conference opened up her mind to new possibilities for self-employment.


It would not be the typical course for a Physics Major to think in this way, as many in the sciences can be risk adverse. She embraced this, and as a result, decided to go on her own after she graduated this past May. It is extremely important to expose our young students to opportunities they otherwise would not be aware. As a Coleman Fellow, it is my responsibility and desire to reach out to my students and show them all they can be. Looking forward to the upcoming year, and seeing who the next success story will be.