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The exchange contains syllabi modified by Coleman Faculty Fellows with the assistance of Coleman Directors to infuse Entrepreneurship content across non-business disciplines and across their individual courses. Our goal is to promote infusion of entrepreneurship concepts such as opportunity recognition, feasibility analysis and developing business models across non-business disciplines. The exchange is open to the public.

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Reuel Sample Please check out the new Coleman Fellows site. Runs faster, and should be easier to access. Also, added three new areas to the Forum: Rationale for Modification (tell us why you are changing things around in your class), Classroom Activities (share what you are doing), and Lesson Plans (share how you plan your day). We have also done away with the "Before Syllabus" option in the Syllabi section. We have a forum area called Rate My Syllabus, where you can upload your syllabus-in-progress for review from other Fellows. The final, polished version can be uploaded into the Syllabus Library. We welcome your feedback! -Reuel Sample+
25 Aug 2016 - 13:17
Sarah Coffin Just came across this and thought others might enjoy. Welcome to the new school year!
"You can’t make students innovative, but you can give students the opportunity to explore and learn along the way. More often than not, students will create something innovative they never thought was possible."
21 Aug 2016 - 09:04
Georgann Jouflas Great article, thanks. 22 Aug 2016 - 00:13
Adam Cochran I run a group called Western Colorado Creative Professionals. At tonight's meeting we met with our local business incubator. One of the facts he discussed was that business majors don't start businesses. 🤔😏
18 Aug 2016 - 23:20
Steve Cramer Any fellows planning on attending the GW [George Wash U] October Global Entrepreneurship Conference this year?
18 Aug 2016 - 11:12
Rose Marshack Help with Entrepreneurship Assignment? All right, fellow Fellows - I have a question about an assignment I'm working on. Perhaps you can help? Here's what I'm thinking: I may be able to procure a bunch of unsold CDs, from previous years, from various classical music ensembles in our School of Music. I vaguely remember the assignment involving "handing out the $5 bill to every student at the beginning of the semester and holding a contest to see who generates the most money with it, at the end of the semester" - I wonder if I could do the same sort of contest with these CDs. Has anyone done anything similar? Any suggestions? Theories about what could go wrong? Thanks!
14 Aug 2016 - 17:59
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Jerome Katz No reason you can't use CDs, but be flexible. If the students sell some as drink coasters (or skeet ducks), it should count. 14 Aug 2016 - 18:02 Steve Cramer Rose, Coleman Fellow Bill Johnson from UNCG assigns this kind of project, with the students starting with a single paperclip and then trading up. He told me that one student has been working on this for about a year and is closing to trading for a used car. 14 Aug 2016 - 19:27
Frank Hoy In Brian Cole Miller's book, Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers, there's an exercise called "Washing Machines". You tell the students they have 10,000 used old washing machines. They give a 30-second sales pitch. Most often, they just try to sell the used machines or the parts, but some teams get more creative, turning them into planters, jack-in-the-boxes, fish bowls, etc. The idea here would be novel sales ideas for the CDs, particularly ideas about a sustainable business beyond the initial inventory. 15 Aug 2016 - 09:32 Georgann Jouflas Hi Rose. I did this with my Lean Launch class a couple of years ago. We had some product (Bike tire holders for bike racks) from a business someone had donated to us. The products were outdated for their original use. Most of the students didn't really try when they couldn't sell them for the original use. I did have one guy that made about $50 selling them as fishing pole holders. The whole assignment wasn't that successful since most of the students could't think of alternative uses for the product. It could have just been this batch of students. I'll be interested to see how this works for you. 15 Aug 2016 - 23:24